A Website - at last!

Although ESDA has been operating since 1996, until now we have avoided having a website. The reasoning behind this was an expectation that we would be able to achieve our goals using a small group of professional studio producer representatives who would communicate developments to their own organisations, which, in turn, would convey the details of the ESDA activities to their members.

As time has gone on (and on), we have kept to our guns but progress has been very gradual. However, recent events – especially the decisions in a few of the European Collection societies to consider paying studio producers – have persuaded us to open up ESDA’s work so that any audio practitioners concerned with their future income and how the changes in delivery methods will effect the whole industry, can see exactly what is going on in other countries.

There is a wealth of ESDA archive material on the site including articles written for our first newsletter, submissions we have made to various institutions, a glossary of terms produced in collaboration with Chello Broadband (A Dutch programme aggregator) and contact information for all the ESDA member organisations. There is also a description of the ‘Role of the Producer’ which has its own glossary of terms used in the recording process.

We will endeavour to post all the latest developments in the member countries as they happen and to make the appropriate links to studio producer sites and others in the industry that make reference to ESDA’s aims.

We welcome feedback from studio producers from all over the world and especially from anyone who has information that might help complete the picture regarding our primary quest - to acquire performance income for producers for every recording that is used in broadcast or played in public places.

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