APAI - Asociacion de Productores Artisticos Independientes

A report on developments in Spain from Carlos Narea

After many months of discussions, we have finally managed to register our association as an official organisation. Presently, we are contacting all potential members from a list of nearly 200 producers and are pleased to have had a very good response from more than 80 people. Setting-up an office and finding an administrator will have to wait for a while yet!

Along with two other producers - Sergio Castillo and Javier Monforte and help from two music business lawyers, Esteban Hernández and Leopoldo Puebla, we are planning our first assembly in October to approve our statutes, budget, fees etc. - then we will be able to start on some real activities.

We had a meeting with Luis Cobos, President of both AIE (the Spanishperformers collection society) and ARTIS (a European group of Performance-income collecting Societies). Already considerable progress has been made. The AIE have decided at their last assembly to recognise the rights of the 'Recording Director Musician' - and start paying!

The AIE have finally recognised that 'someone' has been there directing all those recordings and that they deserve their share, however, at the moment, you only qualify as a Recording Director Musician if you have directed four or more performers on each fixation (Mix). Further meetings are scheduled.

We also arranged a couple of very successful studio visits with the people in charge of the Intellectual Property Departments in the two most important political parties in Spain (PP and PSOE) and the government’s IP delegate. The visits were designed to illustrate to the civil servants the true process of recording. As you would expect, our visitors were very excited by the recording studio environment admitting that they "could never have imagined before the visit how recordings were actually made”

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